BlackSn0w Unlock For 05.11.07 Is Now Available

blackra1n 400x280 BlackSn0w Unlock For 05.11.07 Is Now Available

Geohot has released his BlackSn0w utility. BlackSn0w is an unlock for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. It supports the latest firmware 3.1 and 3.1.2 with baseband 05.11.07 and enables official tethering. Available for both Windows and Mac.

Here is a quick tutorial:
If your device is already jailbroken – run Cydia, add repository and install blacksn0w. That’s it!
If you havn’t done the jailbreak: go to, download blackra1n, run it, follow the instructions (it is really simple) to perform the jailbreak. Run balckra1n app on iPhone and install BlackSnow.

The latest version of blackra1n is RC3. It now has hacktivation support, 15 second speed improvement, Tiger+PPC support.

PS: If you just bought a new iPhone 3GS or have one that was made recently (approximately after 40th week after iPhone 3GS release): your device has a new BootROM. Unfortunately it is impossible to run regular jailbreak with this new BootROM. There is a sloution – tethered jailbreak. Everything including unlock will work fine. However every time you restart your iPhone, you need to plug it to a computer with blackra1n installed.

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    4 Responses to “BlackSn0w Unlock For 05.11.07 Is Now Available”

    1. Евгений Says:

      все сделал как сказано. в итоге опять нет сети . у мепня 3.1.2 с модемом 05.11.07 бут 05.09. ждал 2 месяца когда йпод превратится опять в телефон… что делать подскажите?

    2. admin Says:

      попробуйте еще раз.
      - рестор – blackra1nblacksn0w.
      - если не получится попробуйте сделать джейлбрейк и установить blacksn0w через Cydia.

    3. Arrto Says:

      Интересно а когда для 3.1.3 будет ?

    4. admin Says:

      над 3.1.3 идет работа, но пока конкретных сроков нет.

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